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dev-main 2023-06-17 12:56 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-17 14:56:27 UTC



This is just a TYPO3 demo extension to show you possibilities on how to get records from database by TYPO3 API.

Please have a look into ProductRepository class. There are currently 4 main methods collecting records:

  • by Extbase Query
  • by TYPO3 QueryBuilder injected into Extbase Query
  • by just TYPO3 QueryBuilder
  • by getRecords() of ContentObjectRenderer

Extbase Query

Use it as often and whereever possible.


  • It is short (less code)
  • Workspace overlay integrated
  • Language overlay integrated
  • Translated records are respecting ORDER BY
  • COUNT on JOINed tables is working. Extbase changes SELECT to COUNT(DISTINCT table.uid)


  • It's always SELECT *
  • You can not change the SELECT part. Working with AVG(), SUBSTRING(), ... is not possible
  • GROUP BY is not implemented
  • There is no possibility to sort sub records

TYPO3 QueryBuilder with Extbase Query

It's OK for single table usage. Don't use it with JOINs because of the COUNT problem.


  • You can modify all query parts to your need
  • Extendability: Send QueryBuilder to a Hook, Event or other method and you can change everything


  • COUNT on JOINed tables is not working. SELECT is still COUNT() instead of COUNT(DISTINCT table.uid)
  • A JOIN produces a cartesian product
  • On JOINed tables you have to add GROUP BY on your own
  • If you're working with ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY you have to add ALL columns of SELECT to GROUP BY.
  • It's up to you to JOIN tables correctly. Do not forget to add tablenames, fieldname and all the other matching columns (from TCA)
  • You have to add the storage PIDs on your own
  • It's your job to modify your query for correct language handling

Plain TYPO3 QueryBuilder

This is for TYPO3 Pros only. You really have to know what you're doing.


  • Do whatever you want
  • COUNT() is always right, as it was NOT set by an automatism


  • The resultset is not compatible with QueryResultInterface. So, you're working with the already fetched records
  • You have to call versionOL()
  • You have to call getLanguageOverlay()
  • If you want sorted and translated records you have to add a really huge extra query on your own
  • You have to map your resultset to domain models on your own
  • You have to work with your own Pagination/Paginator or you have to work with full resultset as array
  • You have to add the storage PIDs on your own
  • A method to collect JOINed query can be a lot of work and very very long

getRecords of cObj

Very easy. The Typo3DatabaseProcessor of fluid package also uses this method. Translation and Workspacing will be done for you.


  • Easy
  • Syntax is known since ages
  • You can modify SELECT part
  • You can work with JOINs
  • GROUP BY is also possible


  • Remember special syntax for column identifier: {#column}
  • Multiple JOINs can be very messy
  • As table alias is not possible, you always have to use full tablename: tx_sfjoin_domain_model_product.title instead of p.title
  • Fixed collection of allowed SELECT functions: COUNT|MAX|MIN|AVG|SUM|DISTINCT
  • ORDER BY on translated records is not possible. Records are sorted in default language. Records were translated 1:1 not respecting ORDER BY.