Add extra to composer.json, to overload autoloaded class

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Allow to overload autoloaded classes, to include your files instead of supposed ones.

Sometimes, you need to overload a class from a dependency. But you can't, cause you've found a nice "new Foo\Bar()" somewhere in this dependency...

So, if your project use Composer autoload (like Symfony projects for example), you can use steevanb/composer-overload-class.

With a simple configuration, you can specify to Composer in which file it will find a class (your file), instead of let him find original file with class namespace. Cause you can't change namespace and class name of original class, otherwise all dependencies to this namespace / class name will fail (use Foo\Bar, method parameter type, etc), composer-overload-class will clone Foo\Bar class content into ComposerOverloadClass\Foo namespace.

Your class need to have exact same namespace as overloaded one, and you can extends ComposerOverloadClass\Foo\Bar if you need.




composer require steevanb/composer-overload-class ^1.4


To overload a class, you need to configure it via your composer.json.

Example taken from steevanb/doctrine-stats, to overload Doctrine ObjectHydrator :

# composer.json
    "scripts": {
        "__comment": "Add a script who generate cloned classes, when autoload is generated",
        "pre-autoload-dump": "steevanb\\ComposerOverloadClass\\OverloadClass::overload"
    "extra": {
        "__comment": "Path to a writable directory, where overloaded classes will be cloned, with it's namespace prefixed by ComposerOverloadClass, in prod + dev env",
        "composer-overload-cache-dir": "var/cache/prod",
        "__comment": "Path to a writable directory, in dev env",
        "composer-overload-cache-dir-dev": "var/cache/dev",
        "__comment": "Classes to overload, in prod + dev env",
        "composer-overload-class": {
            "__comment": "Fully qualified class name you want to overload",
            "Doctrine\\ORM\\Internal\\Hydration\\ObjectHydrator": {
                "__comment": "Path to original file, who contains the class you want to overload",
                "original-file": "vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/Internal/Hydration/ObjectHydrator.php",
                "__comment": "Path to your file, who contains your class",
                "overload-file": "vendor/steevanb/doctrine-stats/ComposerOverloadClass/Doctrine/ORM/Internal/ObjectHydrator.php",
                "__comment": "false (default) : duplicate original class, add ComposerOverloadClass namespace prefix, you can extend it",
                "__comment": "true : do not duplicate original class, you need to write all code in your classe",
                "duplicate-original-file": false
        "__comment": "Classes to overload, in dev env",
        "composer-overload-class-dev": {}
    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "ComposerOverloadClass\\": "var/cache/prod/ComposerOverloadClass"
    "autoload-dev": {
        "psr-4": {
            "ComposerOverloadClass\\": "var/cache/dev/ComposerOverloadClass"

When configuration is finished, you need to re-generate Composer autoload :

composer dumpautoload

# show overrided files
composer dumpautoload -v

That's all folks !

Example with Doctrine ObjectHydrator

Example taken from steevanb/doctrine-stats, to overload Doctrine ObjectHydrator, to add a timer when entities are hydrated :

# src/ComposerOverloadClass/Doctrine/ORM/Internal/ObjectHydrator.php

namespace Doctrine\ORM\Internal\Hydration;

use Doctrine\ORM\EntityManagerInterface;
use steevanb\DoctrineStats\Doctrine\ORM\Event\HydrationEventsTrait;

# extends cloned ObjectHydrator class, I just want to change hydrateAllData() code
class ObjectHydrator extends \ComposerOverloadClass\Doctrine\ORM\Internal\Hydration\ObjectHydrator
    use HydrationEventsTrait;

    protected function getEntityManager(): EntityManagerInterface
        return $this->_em;

    protected function hydrateAllData(): void
        $eventId = $this->dispatchPreHydrationEvent();