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This package is a plugin for Laravel 5 for working with payments.


Install using composer: composer require stalinko/laravel-mpay24

Then add this to providers list in config/app.php:


Give settings for the new service in config/services.php:

    'mpay24' => [
        'merchantId' => 'XXXXXXX', //required
        'password' => 'XXXXXXXX', //required
        'test' => true, //optional
        'debug' => true, //optional
        'successUrl' => 'WelcomeController@anySuccess', //optional
        'errorUrl' => 'WelcomeController@anyError', //optional
        'confirmationUrl' => 'WelcomeController@anyConfirmation', //optional


Now you have a service app()->mpay24 which is object of \LaravelMPay24\Shop class. This object initiates MPay24Shop class for you with settings given in the config. To define logic of the shop you must create your own shop class extending \LaravelMPay24\Models\AbstractShop, instantiate an object of that class and pass it to app()->mpay24 service:

    $shopDelegator = new BasicShop();

Thus mpay24 will delegate all it's actions to your shop. BasicShop is an example implementation of the delegator shop, you can find it in the package.

app()->mpay24 sets callback urls to the ORDER object using the service settings. But you are free to set it in your custom shop class, app()->mpay24 won't override these setting.

Working example

Example controller (WelcomeController.php):

namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use LaravelMPay24\Models\BasicShop;
use LaravelMPay24\ORDER;
use LaravelMPay24\PaymentResponse;
use LaravelMPay24\Transaction;

class WelcomeController extends Controller {
     * Show the application welcome screen to the user.
     * @return \Illuminate\Http\Response
    public function getIndex()
        return view('welcome');

     * Create a test transaction and redirect user to mpay24 page
    public function postIndex()
        $transaction = new Transaction('test transaction');
        $transaction->PRICE = 100.11;

        $order = new ORDER();
        $order->Order->Tid   = $transaction->TID;
        $order->Order->Price = $transaction->PRICE;

        $shopDelegator = new BasicShop();

        /** @var \LaravelMPay24\Shop $mpay24 */
        $mpay24 = app()->mpay24;
        /** @var PaymentResponse $result */
        $result = app()->mpay24->pay();

        if($result->getGeneralResponse()->getStatus() == 'OK') {
            $url = $result->getLocation();
            header('Location: '.$url);
        } else {
            echo "Return Code: " . $result->getGeneralResponse()->getReturnCode();

    public function anySuccess()
        echo 'Success';

    public function anyError()
        echo 'Error';

    public function anyConfirmation()
        echo 'Confirmation';

Code of welcome.blade.php:

 		<title>Payment Test</title>
         <form method="POST">
             <input type="hidden" name="_token" value="{{ csrf_token() }}">
             <input type="submit" value="Try it" />