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PHP version

Stackify PHP Logger

Standalone Stackify PHP PSR-3 Logger.

PHP Logging Framework Integrations


Install the latest version with composer require stackify/logger

Installation with Linux Agent

This is the suggested installation option, offering the best logging performance.

use Stackify\Log\Standalone\Logger;

$logger = new Logger('application_name', 'environment_name');

Installation without Linux Agent

This option does not require the Stackify Agent to be installed because it sends data directly to Stackify services. It collects log entries in batches, calls curl using the exec function, and sends data to the background immediately [exec('curl ... &')]. This will affect the performance of your application minimally, but it requires permissions to call exec inside the PHP script and it may cause silent data loss in the event of any network issues. This transport method does not work on Windows. To configure ExecTransport you need to pass the environment name and API key (license key):

use Stackify\Log\Transport\ExecTransport;
use Stackify\Log\Standalone\Logger;
$transport = new ExecTransport('api_key');
$logger = new Logger('application_name', 'environment_name', $transport);

Optional Settings


  • ExecTransport supports data delivery through proxy. Specify proxy using libcurl format: <[protocol://][user:password@]proxyhost[:port]>
$transport = new ExecTransport($apiKey, ['proxy' => '']);

Curl path

  • It can be useful to specify curl destination path for ExecTransport. This option is set to 'curl' by default.
$transport = new ExecTransport($apiKey, ['curlPath' => '/usr/bin/curl']);

Log Server Environment Variables

  • Server environment variables can be added to error log message metadata. Note: This will log all system environment variables; do not enable if sensitive information such as passwords or keys are stored this way.
$logger = new Logger('application_name', 'environment_name', $transport, true);

Configuration Settings

  • This allow users to override default settings of the logger (Masking Request Variables, Session, Cookie or Updating connection properties to different Transports etc.)
  • Note - By default capturing raw post data (e.g. file_get_contents("php://input")) and $_POST variables are DISABLED by default
    • To enable you can set the following options to true
    • CapturePostVariables - Boolean - Capture $_POST variables
    • CaptureRawPostData - Boolean - Capture php://input stream data (e.g. file_get_contents("php://input"))
      $config = array(
              'CapturePostVariables' => true,
              'CaptureRawPostData' => true,
  • Note - For the Whitelist/Blackist setting. Anything falsy (null, false, array() etc. - Refer to php empty function checking) will be considered as Do Not Track - No variable data will be processed.

Logger Level

$config = array(
       'CaptureServerVariables' => false,
       'CaptureServerVariablesWhitelist' => '*',
       'CaptureServerVariablesBlacklist' => 'REMOTE_ADDR,SERVER_ADDR',

$logger = new Logger('application_name', 'environment_name', $transport, true, $config);

Transport Level

  • This applies to all the transports (ExecTransport, CurlTransport, AgentTransport, AgentSocketTransport)
$config = array(
       'CaptureServerVariables' => false,
       'CaptureServerVariablesWhitelist' => '*',
       'CaptureServerVariablesBlacklist' => 'REMOTE_ADDR,SERVER_ADDR',

$transport = new ExecTransport($apiKey, [
   'config' => $config

Available Options:

Server Variables

  • CaptureServerVariables - Boolean - Capture $_SERVER variables
  • CaptureServerVariablesWhitelist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Whitelist $_SERVER attributes
  • CaptureServerVariablesBlacklist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Mask $_SERVER attributes (e.g. attribute => 'X-MASKED-X')

Get Variables

  • CaptureGetVariables - Boolean - Capture $_GET variables
  • CaptureGetVariablesWhitelist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Whitelist $_GET attributes
  • CaptureGetVariablesBlacklist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Mask $_GET attributes (e.g. attribute => 'X-MASKED-X')

Post Variables

  • CapturePostVariables - Boolean - Capture $_POST variables
  • CapturePostVariablesWhitelist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Whitelist $_POST attributes
  • CapturePostVariablesBlacklist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Mask $_POST attributes (e.g. attribute => 'X-MASKED-X')

Session Variables

  • CaptureSessionVariables - Boolean - Capture $_SESSION variables
  • CaptureSessionVariablesWhitelist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Whitelist $_SESSION attributes
  • CaptureSessionVariablesBlacklist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Mask $_SESSION attributes (e.g. attribute => 'X-MASKED-X')

Error Headers

  • CaptureErrorHeaders - Boolean - Capture HEADER attributes available in $_SERVER variable
  • CaptureErrorHeadersWhitelist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Whitelist HEADER attributes in $_SERVER variable
  • CaptureErrorHeadersBlacklist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Mask HEADER attributes in $_SERVER variable (e.g. attribute => 'X-MASKED-X')

Error Cookies

  • CaptureErrorCookies - Boolean - Capture $_COOKIE variables
  • CaptureErrorCookiesWhitelist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Whitelist $_COOKIE attributes
  • CaptureErrorCookiesBlacklist - Array or Comma-delimited string - Mask $_COOKIE attributes

Capture Raw Post Data

  • CaptureRawPostData - Boolean - Capture php://input stream data (e.g. file_get_contents("php://input"))

Debug Settings

  • Debug - Boolean - Enable DEBUG in the logger
  • DebugLogPath - String - A qualified path for the log file produced during debug or error

Agent Transport Settings

  • Protocol - String - Protocol can be tcp or udp
  • Host - String - Server Hostname
  • Port - Numeric - Port
  • SocketTimeoutConnect - Numeric - Connection Request Timeout
  • SocketTimeoutWrite - Numeric - Connection Write Timeout
  • SocketMaxConnectAttempts - Numeric - Connection Attempts

Agent Socket Transport Settings

  • DomainSocketPath - String - Stackify Agent unix socket path

API or Curl Exec Socket Transport Settings

  • ApiBaseUrl - String - Stackify API base url
  • ApiCallLogsEndpoint - String - Stackify API Call Logs endpoint
  • ApiMaxTimeout - Numeric - Stackify API Call Max Timeout
  • ApiVersionHeader - String - Stackify API Version Header


If transport does not work, try looking into vendor\stackify\logger\src\Stackify\debug\log.log file (if it is available for writing). Errors are also written to global PHP error_log. Note that ExecTransport does not produce any errors at all, but you can switch it to debug mode:

$transport = new ExecTransport($apiKey, ['debug' => true]);

You can set it also on the Logger level. Setting the Debug and DebugLogPath

$config = array(
        'DebugLogPath' => '/path/to/log.log',
        'Debug' => true

$logger = new Logger('application_name', 'environment_name', $transport, true, $config);

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Real user monitoring injects a script tag containing the RUM JS that is responsible for capturing information about the http requests on the browser. This approach is manual and needs to be configured.

RUM - Setup

/** Requires composer **/
$applicationName = 'Your Application Name';
$environment = 'YourEnvironment';
$rumKey = 'YourRumKey';

RUM - Application

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<meta charset="utf-8" />
	<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />
	<?php echo \Stackify\Utils\Rum::getInstance()->insertRumScript(); ?>


Copyright 2019 Stackify, LLC.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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