Elgg plugin, that allows to fill-up Elgg installation with a lot of fake data.

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Last update: 2024-07-16 00:23:51 UTC


Elgg plugin that allows to fill-up your installation with a lot of fake data. It's meant for benchmarking your installation on high volumes of data. Do not use on production sites!


For smaller amounts of data, you may use page in admin panel. Go to Develop -> Data Generator in admin panel.

For large amount of data, you need to use command line interface. To do so, go to plugin directory (mod/data_generator) and call php cli_run.php with proper parameters. To see available parameters, run php cli_run.php --help. It will output following information:

Usage: cli_run.php [OPTIONS]

Options are:
-a N, --amount N	Sets N as amount of items to generate. Required.

-p P, --profile P	Sets P as chosen profile that determines type of items
			to generate. Run without value to get list of possible
			values. Required.

-l L, --locale L	Sets L as localization of generated content. Some
			of valid options may not be fully supported. Run
			without value to get list of possible values. Required.

-h, --help		Outputs this help info.

Please consider locales other than en_* as experimental.


Currently implemented data generation scenarios (called "profiles") are:

  • newUserEntity - generates new ElggUser entities with filled profile data as in vanilla Elgg install
  • usersRelationshipFriend - creates friend relationsips between existing ElggUser entities
  • newBlogEntity - generates new ElggBlog entities in various possible states that may be produced by bundled blog plugin
  • blogAnnotationRevision - adds revision annotations to existing ElggBlog entities
  • blogAnnotationComment - adds comment annotations to existing ElggBlog entities (that won't work correctly on elgg 1.9 that migrated comments from annotations to entities)

Known issues

  • Cyrylic usernames are not handled by the core and may not work correctly with common plugins. Use at your own risk.