Elegant Flash Notifications For Laravel

v0.1.5 2017-09-01 21:15 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-28 03:48:05 UTC


Flash Notifications

Laravel 5 flash notifications, originally developed after the Laracasts video tutorial : Elegant Flash Messaging which uses SweetAlert.

Quick Installation

Run the following command to install the package through Composer.

composer require srmklive/flash-notifications

or in your composer.json file, add "srmklive/flash-notifications": ">=0.1" then run

composer update

Once this operation is complete, simply add both the service provider and facade classes to your project's config/app.php file:

Service Provider

'Srmklive\FlashAlert\FlashAlertServiceProvider',  // Laravel 5.0
Srmklive\FlashAlert\FlashAlertServiceProvider::class, // Laravel 5.1 or greater


'FlashAlert' => 'Srmklive\FlashAlert\Facades\FlashAlert', // Laravel 5.0
'FlashAlert' => Srmklive\FlashAlert\Facades\FlashAlert::class,  // Laravel 5.1 or greater

Publish Configuration & Views

php artisan vendor:publish


Simply call on FlashAlert to set your desired flash notification. There are a number of methods to assign different levels of priority (info, success, warning, and error).


FlashAlert::success('Success', 'This is a success message.');


FlashAlert::info('Info', 'This is an info message.');


FlashAlert::warning('Warning', 'This is a warning message.');


FlashAlert::error('Error', 'This is an error message.');


To render your flash notifications in your view, simply include the view partial in your master layout. Also add @yield('styles') & yield('scripts') in your master layout: