Set one or more images central per page in Contao CMS. This is a Contao4 -Bundle-Fork from 'Ruudt/contao-page_images'

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Set one or more images per page.


This is an extension for the Contao Open Source CMS. If you are not a software developer, please download or install from the Contao Extension Repository.


This extension allows you to assign images to pages. Suppose the page layout has a place that contains a different image on each page. This extension allows you to create a image category for that location and to assign any image to any nr of pages. You can even assign multiple images to multiple places within one layout.


After installation, create a new page_images category and define default image sizes. Then you can add items with which to assign image(s) to page(s).


There are no other external dependencies then Contao 3.0 or newer.