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Pubsubhubbub subscriber implementation.

v0.3.0 2013-08-17 20:02 UTC


Despite the name SputnikPubsubBundle implements support for pubsubhubbub subscriber. This bundle was inspired by https://github.com/hearsayit/PubSubHubbubBundle and was used as a foundation for current Sputnik version.

Main features

  • Support for multiple storage drivers: Doctrine ORM and Doctrine ODM (more can be added).
  • Ability to define and subscribe to different hubs.
  • Set of console commands to manage and test subscriptions.
  • Implementation of really simple test hub i.e. you don't need to send requests to real hubs when developing.
  • Extensive logging (via separate pubsub channel).


  • This bundle requires Symfony 2.2 to operate, but could be easily adopted to work with Symfony 2.1. Patches welcome!
  • At the moment SputnikPubsubBundle supports synchronous subscriptions only.
  • There is a sample Sandbox application with Sputnik bundles installed and configured - https://github.com/sputnik-project/sandbox/tree/pubsub.

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Documentation can be found in Resources/doc. You can start with installation instructions.

API documentation.