Spryng API client library for PHP

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Spryng PHP API Library

Hi, welcome to the documentation for the Spryng PHP API Library. This guide contains practical information on how to use the library. Full PHPDOC can be found in this repository.

Installation and initialization

Using composer

The easiest way to install the libary is using composer:

composer require spryng/spryng-api-http-php

When the installation is complete, you can initialize Spryng like so:

require( 'vendor/autoload.php');

use SpryngApiHttpPhp\Client;

$spryng = new Client('username', 'password', 'My Company');

Without composer

If you're not yet using composer, you can use the autoloader:

require ('SpryngApiHttpPhp/src/Spryng/Api/Autoloader.php');

$spryng = new Client('username', 'password', 'My Company');

Sending a SMS

To send an SMS, you should use the Client::sms->send() method. It takes the following parameters:

  • $recipient Phone number you're sending the sms to
  • $body Body of the sms
  • $options Additional parameters like allowlong and route


There are a number of options you can specify with your request. The requirements for these options are available in the general documentation.

  • route Enter your assigned route.
  • reference An optional reference for delivery reports.
  • allowlong Weather you want to allow Long SMS or not. Should be true or false.
  • rawencoding ISO/UTF encoding

Full example

require( 'vendor/autoload.php')

use SpryngApiHttpPhp\Client;

$spryng = new Client('username', 'password', 'My Company');

    $spryng->sms->send('31612345678', 'A sample message!', array(
        'route'     => 'business',
         'allowlong' => true
         'reference' => 'ABC123456789'
         'rawencoding' => false)
catch (InvalidRequestException $e)
    echo $e->getMessage();

Requesting credit balance

Alongside the ability to send SMS messages, it's also possible to request your current credit balance. This method does not require any parameters and can be used like this:

require( 'vendor/autoload.php')

use SpryngApiHttpPhp\Client;

$spryng = new Client('username', 'password', 'My Company');

echo 'Current credit balance: ' . $spryng->sms->checkBalance();