Clean blog theme for Spress design by Start Bootstrap

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v2.1.0 2017-05-21 19:01 UTC

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Clean blog theme is a ported theme to Spress designed by Start Bootstrap.

Live demo.

Spresso theme preview


  • Fully responsive.
  • Distraction free blog text optimized for legibility.
  • Support for tags and categories in posts.
  • Contact form powered by getsimpleform.
  • Comments powered by Disqus.
  • Code highlighted thanks to highlight.js.


You can create a site based on Clean blog or install this one as a theme of a pre-existing site.


  • Spress >= 2.2.0

Creating a new site based on this theme

Performs the following command and clean-blog theme will be installed in mysite folder:

$ spress new:site mysite spress-add-ons/clean-blog-theme

Install as a theme

Go to your site folder and performs the following command:

$ spress add:plugin spress-add-ons/clean-blog-theme

And add this line to the config.yml file of your site:

    name: "spress-add-ons/clean-blog-theme"

How to update?

You can get the latest version of Clean blog theme with just run the following command:

$ spress update:plugin



Refers to files within the ./src/layouts directory, that define the architecture of the content.

  • default.html: The base layout. The derived layouts inject their contents into this file at the line that says {{ page.content }}.
  • page.html: Layout for pages.
  • post.html: Layout for posts. They are located at ./src/content/posts.
  • collection.html: Layout used by collection pages: categories.html and tags.html.


Refers to snippets of code within the ./src/includes directory. These ones can be inserted in layouts and pages.

  • head.html: Defines the content of <head></head> in default layout.
  • footer.html: Defines the default footer section.
  • nav.html: Defines de top-menu based on pages with title.
  • paginator.html: Defines the pagination of the content.



Comments are powered by Disqus and they need a disqus shortname. To get it, you need to create an account at this service. It's free.

  enabled: true
  disqus_shortname: "your-shortname"

Top menu

The top menu is composed by each of pages with title attribute. e.g: ./src/content/about.md:

title: "About me"

Contact form

The contact form is a AJAX form configured in config.yml:


You need a API key from getsimpleform service. It's free.

Writing a post

To create a new post, runs new:post command from Spress:

$ spress new:post

Each post could has a header and thumbnail image. You can configure your image and some data about it:

  url: "assets/img/post-bg-07.jpg"
  author: "Yuri Samoilov"
  author_url: "https://flic.kr/p/mjhDwB"

Thumbnail images

The index.html page can display a thumbnail image for each post. This kind of images must be located at ./src/content/assets/img folder and the image may has the dimentions 100x100 px.

At the thumb_img key you can set the name of the image file like this:

thumb_img: spress.png


The theme is available as open source under the terms of the Apache 2.0.