FACT Finder PHP Library (forked by SportPursuit)

1.3.1 2016-09-02 18:31 UTC


This is a complete rewrite of and replaces the old FACT Finder PHP Library.

For usage, see the demo.

For documentation please see the library's GitHub wiki as well as the demo's GitHub wiki. There is also source documentation generated with phpDocumentor, which you can view if you clone the repository.

If you want to contribute to the library, please see our guide for contributors.

Motivation & Goals

  • No longer support multiple FACT-Finder versions and interfaces at once, as legacy code and deep inheritance trees make the project increasingly hard to maintain.
  • Use the recommended FACT-Finder interface (JSON) instead of providing every possibility.
  • Make the API clearer and more easily accessible to give developers more control over the requests to FACT-Finder.

Documentation ToDos

  • PHPDoc of the code
  • General documentation in GitHub wiki
    • How to use