Show information about the last deployment in the TYPO3 system information toolbar item

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1.3.0 2022-01-10 10:42 UTC

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System toolbar information about last deployment, fetched from different deployment types

How to install

composer require spooner/deployer-information

Deployment types to be handled

If one of the following deployment is found, the information is displayed.

  1. Deployer
  2. Deployer v7 (change of release files structure)
  3. Custom (Modified datetime of file LAST_DEPLOY in project root)

How to configure your deployment


You don't need to do anything. The extension looks for the default folder and files of a release.


You need to touch the file LAST_DEPLOY in your project root (normally it's not the document root, but it can be).
The extension looks for this file and creates the datetime of the last change (the last touch).

You can touch a file with


I need special behaviour for my deployment

No problem. Just create an issue and I'll adapt your deployment type.