Management Library for PohodaSQL

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Last update: 2023-03-01 00:18:54 UTC


PHP Librabry for direct access to Pohoda SQL database tables

Use at your own risk!


Please set up this constants or environment variables:

  • DB_TYPE We use sqlsrv
  • DB_HOST IP or Hostname machine with SQL Server
  • DB_PORT default is 1433
  • DB_DATABASE something like StwPh_01234567_2019
  • DB_USERNAME sqlserver login
  • DB_PASSWORD sqlserver pass

You can also int object like this:

$addr = new Adresar(234,['database'=>'StwPh_01234567_2020']); //Load record by ID from overriden Database
$addr = new Adresar(['ICO'=>'69438676']); //Load record by ICO

See https://github.com/VitexSoftware/php-ease-fluentpdo for mor informations