Simple image resizing

1.0.7 2024-01-28 09:41 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-29 15:36:02 UTC


This is a library that covers only the bare basics you need when handling images:

  • resizing
  • cropping
  • rotation

It can use either PHP's libGD or a locally installed ImageMagick binary.


Use composer

composer require splitbrain/slika


Simply get an Adapter from the Slika factory, run some operations on it and call save.

Operations can be chained together. Consider the chain to be one command. Do not reuse the adapter returned by run(), it is a single use object. All operations can potentially throw a \splitbrain\slika\Exception.

Options (see below) can be passed as a second parameter to the run factory.

use \splitbrain\slika\Slika;
use \splitbrain\slika\Exception;

$options = [
    'quality' => 75

try {
    Slika::run('input.png', $options)
        ->save('output.jpg', 'jpg');
} catch (Exception $e) {
    // conversion went wrong, handle it

Please also check the API Docs for details.



All resize operations will keep the original aspect ratio of the image. There will be no distortion.

Keeping either width or height at zero will auto calculate the value for you.

# fit the image into a bounding box of 500x500 pixels
Slika::run('input.jpg')->resize(500,500)->save('output.png', 'png');

# adjust the image to a maximum width of 500 pixels 
Slika::run('input.jpg')->resize(500,0)->save('output.png', 'png');

# adjust the image to a maximum height of 500 pixels 
Slika::run('input.jpg')->resize(0,500)->save('output.png', 'png');


Similar to resizing, but this time the image will be cropped to fit the new aspect ratio.

Slika::run('input.jpg')->crop(500,500)->save('output.png', 'png');


Rotates the image. The parameter passed is one of the EXIF orientation flags:

orientation flags

For your convenience there are three Constants defined:

  • Slika::ROTATE_CCW counter clockwise rotation
  • Slika::ROTATE_CW clockwise rotation
  • Slika::ROTATE_TOPDOWN full 180 degree rotation
Slika::run('input.jpg')->rotate(Slika::ROTATE_CW)->save('output.png', 'png');


Rotates the image according to the EXIF rotation tag if found.

Slika::run('input.jpg')->autorotate()->save('output.png', 'png');


Options can be passed as associatiave array as the second parameter in Slika::run.

The following options are availble currently:

Option Default Description
imconvert /usr/bin/convert The path to ImageMagick's convert binary
quality 92 The quality when writing JPEG images