Splash Flat Files Connector (Embedded)

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Splash Flat Connector

Base Connector for parsing flat files from remote locations:

What's done for ?

This connector may be used to connect flat data sources as Splash Objects.

A flat source could be one or multiple csv|xml files, located on a remote server, that have to be connected and used bay Splash Sync as generic objects.

How it works

Reading data from source always follow the same process:

  1. The File Reader read raw file from a predefined location.
  2. The File Parser convert file contents into an associative array of objects raw data.
  3. The Formater (Optional) decode, treat and convert objects raw data
  4. The Hydrator convert objects raw data into Object Models

Once list of all objects is collected, Flat connector uses models data to read, compare & export data to Splash Sync server.

For a better performance, parsed objects list is stored on cache.

The Adapter

The Adapter only used to read file contents from a given location

  • Local files via full path
  • Remote files via url
  • FTP / SFTP files via a connection string

The Parser

  • The Adapter read static file & parse it onto an array of objects data
  • The Adapter read static file & parse it onto an array of objects data
  • The Formater (Optional) Decode, convert, parse objects data