Send to Statsd server from Laravel

v5.5.1 2017-10-30 14:38 UTC


Allows you to seamlessly send data to a Statsd server from within your Laravel application.

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Add Spiria-Digital\laravel-statsd package with composer

composer require Spiria-Digital/laravel-statsd:5.5.1

Update your packages with composer update or install with composer install.

Laravel >5.5

Since version 5.5, Laravel support Package Auto-Discovery, which means that Service Provider and aliases can be added automatically through the package composer file. Therefore, once Composer has installed or updated your packages Laravel-Statsd should be registered as a service provider and should provide the Statsd Facade.

Laravel <5.4

If you are using an older verison of Laravel you must add the provider and the alias manually.

You can register Statsd with Laravel by opening up app/config/app.php and adding the providers key in the providers array:


You will also need to register the facade so that you can access it within your application. To do this add the following to your aliases in app/config/app.php:

'Statsd' => 'Spiria-Digital\Statsd\Facades\Statsd'


Statsd configuration file can be extended by creating app/config/statsd.php. You can find the default configuration file under vendor/Spiria-Digital/laravel-statsd/config/config.php.

You can quickly publish a configuration file by running the following Artisan command.

$ php artisan config:publish Spiria-Digital/laravel-statsd


Laravel-Statsd exposes the following functions to send data to Statsd:

Statsd::timing($key, $time);
Statsd::gauge($key, $value);
Statsd::set($key, $value);
Statsd::updateCount($key, $delta);

The data is automatically sent to Statsd at the end of Laravels life-cycle, but you can force data to be sent with:


Note: Data will only be sent to Statsd if your environment matches the environments defined in the config file.

This package is an updated version of rcrowe/laravel-statsd and has been tested with laravel 5.4+ only. It does not currently support Lumen.