Form serialization toolkit for Spiral Framework

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v1.2.2 2023-05-18 12:15 UTC

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AJAX and form serialization toolkit for Spiral Framework.

Repository consists of 2 main components: Toolkit and Keeper

Toolkit is set of modules implementing a simple front-end framework, capable of serializing forms, showing loaders and datagrids

Keeper is set of scripts that demonstrate typical toolkit usage with Spiral Frameworks, including default styles based on bootstrap 4.


Project is based on Lerna.

Starting Up

  1. Execute npx lerna bootstrap to install dependencies and link packages
  2. Build toolkit package and dependencies yarn build

Additional development commands

When developing both in co-dependent packages use separate commands like so:

  • yarn build:core to build core package.
  • yarn build:form to build form package.
  • yarn build:lock to build lock package.
  • yarn build:toolkit to build toolkit package.
  • yarn build:datagrid to build datagrid package.
  • yarn build:keeper to build keeper package.

Alternatively execute yarn build from package folder.

Additional commands

npx lerna run lint to lint every package. Note this command is expected to be successfully completed before pushing data to repository.

Project structure

Project is a mono-repository with following packages:

  • packages/core - core of the toolkit
  • packages/form - form module for the toolkit
  • packages/lock - lock module for the toolkit
  • packages/core - main toolkit package

Making a release

In separate branch do following:

  • lerna publish
  • bump version in lerna and in root package.json manually
  • yarn gitrelease


On windows execute git config core.autocrlf false to disable automatic line ending conversion.

MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information. Maintained by Spiral Scout.