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A generic module for adding Authorize.net support to a ZF2 application.

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A generic module for adding Authorize.net Payments support to a ZF2 application.


SpeckAuthnet is a module that can be utilized outside of Speck Commerce to accept payments via the Authorize.net payment gateway. This module currently supports Authorize.net AIM API Operations.

To get started visit the Authorize.net Development Center

Authorize.Net API Documentation

To integrate with this module you will want to sign up for an account on Authorize.net. See the developer website for instructions.

This module currently supports the following AIM calls with API version 3.1:

  • VOID


The dependencies for SpeckCommerce are set up as Git submodules so you should not hav



Join us on the Freenode IRC network: #speckcommerce. Our numbers are few right now, but we're a dedicated small group working on this project full time.

Getting Started

Move the module.config.php.dist to module.config.php and replace the following values with your own.

  • tran_key - The transaction key provided by Authorize.net
  • login - The login is provided by Authorize.net
  • mode - Possible values are sandbox or live

Example Usage

The Client

SpeckAuth API Name: SpeckAuthnet\Client

The SpeckAuthnet module works off a single Client. You will utilize this client to access the API's and make your calls to the Authnet endpoints. The Client provides a fluent interface allowing you to chain method calls.

//start by getting an instance of the client, in this example I will be leveraging the ServiceManager.
$client = $sm->get('SpeckAuthnet\Client');

There are 3 ways to interact with the APIs via the client.

  • use Client::setData($data) to set a preconfigured array of key/value pairs on the API. The keys are the same as the fields in the Authorize.net AIM documentation minus the x_
  • proxy calls to the API via the client
  • act on the API itself calling Client::getApi()

Credit Card

SpeckAuthnet API Name: Aim\CreditCard

By default the authorization type of the CreditCard API is AUTH_ONLY, this can also be configured to be an AUTH_CAPTURE call to Authorize.net. The SpeckAuthnet module contains support for all available fields, for a complete list you can look at the unit tests included with the module or consult the documentation available on the Authorize.net developer website.

$paymentInfo = array(
    'amount' => '20.00',
    'card_num' => '4111111111111111',
    'exp_date' => '122012',
    'address' => '2065 nestall rd',
    'city' => 'laguna beach',
    'state' => 'california',
    'zip' => '92656',
    'country' => 'US',
    'first_name' => 'steve',
    'last_name' => 'rizzo'    

//Authorize Only
$response = $client->api('Aim\CreditCard')

//Authorize Capture
$response = $client->api('Aim\CreditCard')

echo $response->isApproved();

Prior Authorization Capture

SpeckAuthnet API Name Aim\PriorAuthCapture

Calling AUTH_ONLY and PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE represent a single complete transaction. When you are ready to capture an authorized only transaction you will utilize this API call. In addition this API supports splitting captures across multiple authorization requests: @see split tender in the AIM API documentation for details.

$response = $client->api('Aim\PriorAuthCapture')
echo $response->isSucces();


SpeckAuthnet API Name: Aim\ECheck

Process check tranasctions with this API.

NOTE: this requires additional set up within Authorize.net.

$response = $client->api('Aim\ECheck')
	->setBankName('Bank of America')

echo $response->isApproved();


SpeckAuthnet API Name: Aim\Void

In order to void a transaction you will need the transaction id returned from the original authorization.

$response = $client->api('Aim\Void')
echo $response->isSuccess();


SpeckAuthnet API Name: Aim\Credit

Credits cannot be applied to Authorization-Only transactions. You can use the full card number, a masked last 4 digit number or simply a last 4 digit number (4111111111111111, XXXX4111, 4111).

NOTE: A credit can only be applied to a settled transaction unless you are doing an unlinked credit.

NOTE: The default credit method is CC, this will automatically change to ECHECK if bankAbaCode or bankAcctNum is set, likewise you can change the method by calling setMethod($method);

NOTE: Unlinked Credits must exclude the transaction id and provide a full credit card number and expiration date.

$response = $client->api('Aim\Credit')
echo $response->isSuccess();


  • improve integration tests
  • refactor to relevant exception classes
  • add support for CIM