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translation-discovery is a Composer-enabled PHP script to locate translations across multiple PHP components from JSON files, which can then be combined together into single translations for project runtime.

Based on asset-discovery.


First include translation-discovery as a requirement in your project composer.json, and run composer update to install it into your project:

  "require": {
    "soundasleep/translation-discovery": "dev-master"

Now create a translation-discovery.json in your project, to define the types of assets to discover, and where to place source files:

  "src": ["vendor/*/*", "core"],
  "locales": {
    "fr": "generated/locales/fr.json",
    "de": "generated/locales/de.json"
  "generate_php": true

translation-discovery will look in all the src folders for files called locales.json to find matching assets. Wildcards are supported. For example, in your vendor/my/package/locales.json:

  "fr": "locales/fr.json",
  "de": ["locales/de/*.json"]


Run the generate script, either with your build script or manually, with a given root directory:

php -f vendor/soundasleep/translation-discovery/generate.php .

translation-discovery will then load all identified locale JSON files, combine all of the locale strings into one large JSON file, and then write this out to each locale destination JSON.

If generate_php is set to true, a .php file will also be generated which returns the locale strings in a format suitable for PHP require().

These files can then be passed along to the next step in a build chain.

Discovering translation strings

Particularly if you are using the openclerk/i18n project, you can use the find script to locale potentially matching translation strings and output them into a template file in JSON.

Update translation-discovery.json in your project, to define the source locations:

  "templates": ["vendor/openclerk", "core", "site"],
  "template": "site/locale/template.json"

Run the find script, either with your build script or manually, with a given root directory:

php -f vendor/soundasleep/translation-discovery/find.php .

This script will find all instances of the following translation strings, and output them to the template JSON folder:

  1. t("string")
  2. ht("string")
  3. plural("string", 1) and plural("string", "strings", 1)
  4. "string" /* i18n */
  5. And the single-quote versions of these patterns

Example projects

  1. Openclerk


  1. More documentation, especially default translation-discovery.json parameters
  2. Create grunt task grunt-php-translation-discovery to wrap the manual PHP command
  3. Release 0.1 version

See also

  1. asset-discovery
  2. component-discovery
  3. openclerk/i18n