This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the bertptrs/marty package instead.

Smarty view renderer for the Mako framework

v4.5.1 2015-04-16 10:30 UTC


Marty is a simple Smarty view renderer for the Mako framework.


Marty has been tested on mako 3.6.2. Any other version may work, but has not been tried.


Marty can be added to your Mako project using composer! Just add it to your requirements

    /* Stuff */
    require: {
        /* Your other requirements */
        "solution-web/marty": "*"
    /* The rest of your composer.json*/


Once installed, you need to initialize it first. You can do this manually:


As you are probably going to use Smarty as your preferred template language, I suggest you add marty to the auto-initialize list.

If Marty is initialized, it will render any view with the extension ".smarty.php". While this is not the default extension for Smarty files (which is .tpl) but it is the best we can do while avoiding conflicts with Mako.


Configuration can be done by changing the marty::smarty configuration. Just refer to the Mako documentation on package configuration for details.

The configuration properties are as follows:

Configuration property Type Description Default
smarty.templateDir string The location to find smarty templates. Your app/views directory.
smarty.compileDir string The location to store compiled templates. A new directory smarty in your app/storage directory.
smarty.pluginDirs string[] A list of directories to search for smarty plugins. The Smarty plugins and sysplugins directories. Refer to the Smarty documentation for info on how to use this

To do

If I find the time, I would like to add support for:

  • Smarty config files.
  • Smarty caching.
  • Smarty dynamic cache control.
  • Anything else I fail to think of.