Bury dead code in a project

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Bury dead code in a project using Tombs



Download the latest Phar from


Install into a project (or globally) using Composer

$ composer require solidworx/burial

# or

$ composer global require solidworx/burial


You should already have Tombs running on an environment and communicating through a socket.

NOTE: You should let Tombs run for at lease a couple of days/weeks, to ensure as much production code is hit as possible.

Run Burial against your code base, providing the Tombs socket as first argument

$ bin/bury

# or

$ php bury.phar

This will then remove all the dead code from your project (defaults to the directory where Burial is executed from).


Burial takes the following parameters

Name Default Description Example
--production-path Current Working Directory Set the path of the code on production. This is used to map the production code against your local code. $ bin/bury --production-path=/var/www/html/myapp
--ignore-dir NULL Add multiple directories to ignore (vendor is always ignored by default) $ bin/bury --ignore-dir=var/cache --ignore-dir=app


DO NOT run this directly in your production environment. It will remove code that might still be used. You should only run this on your local machine or a test environment, where you can carefully verify the changes, run unit tests and do proper testing to ensure that nothing is broken.


  • Ensure a method is not required from a trait/parent class's interface, extended class etc
  • Handle calls without a scope (E.G closures)
  • Remove dead functions (only method calls are currently supported)
  • Add tests