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This package allows you to store files on any place, even local filesystem, or cloud CDN, FTP servers etc.

To accomplish this, a common way to describe a file location is needed.

Let's assume that you have a file stored on /home/user/image.jpg

We can tell about this file that it:

  • has the file storage schema
  • has the /home/user/image.jpg location

So, finally, we can describe it as file:///home/user/image.jpg

In conclusion, any file is always stored in a location that matches the following pattern of URI:


For example if we store a file in openstack onbject storage we can have the following uri for it:


Laravel integration

Edit the app/config/app.php and add the following lines

'aliases' => 
	'Storage' => 'Softservlet\FileManager\StorageFacade'

'providers' =>


Store a file

Firstly we will instantiate a new FileInterface implementation object, which accpets as parameter the URI of the FileInterface.

By default, if the URI doesn not conaint a schema then the file:// schema will be interpreted

use Softservlet\FileManager\File\GenericFile;

//See Softservlet\FileManager\File\FileInterface
$file = new GenericFile('/home/user/image.jpg');

We will call then the StorageFactory class to store the file (for this Storage facade is used here).

The store method accepts as parameter an FileInterface and optionally an StorageInterface instance.

If the StorageInterface is not given, the file will be stored using the FilesystemStorage Driver.

$uri = Storage::store($file);

If you have an openstack storage implementation you will can call

$uri = Storage::store($file, new OpenstackStorage)

Retrieve a file

We stored a file, now we want to retrieve it from the storage mechanism.

For this, we will use the fileDescriptor() method declared on StorageInterface, and wich is implemented by each storage driver.

It accepts as parameter an FileInterface and return an FileDescriptorInterface.

//we stored the file and got the $uri variable
$file = new GenericFile($uri);

$descriptor = Storage::fileDescriptor($file);

//See Softservlet\FileManager\File\FileDescriptorInterface
$contents = $descriptor->contents();
$mime = $descriptor->mime();

Delivering a file though http

To get an http url for accessing a file, you may use an implementation of DeliveryInterface.

Until now, there is an implementation for file stored with FilesystemStorage driver.

use Softservlet\FileManager\Deliver\LocalHttpDelivery;

$file = new GenericFile($uri);

$delivery = new LocalHttpDelivery();

$url = $delivery->httpUrl($file);