Small module to help with logging aware classes

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Soflomo\Log is a small module that provides a drop-in configuration, instantiation and initialization of a Zend\Log\Logger object. Its purpose it to have logging enabled in your Zend Framework 2 application with only a small configuration file. The module is opinionated with the selection of writers, but you are free to configure your own.


Soflomo\Log is available through composer. Add "soflomo/log" to your composer.json list. During development of Soflomo\Log, you can specify the latest available version:

"soflomo/log": "dev-master"

Enable the module in your config/application.config.php file. Add an entry Soflomo\Log to the list of enabled modules. Logging should work out of the box.


This module provides a pre-configured instance of Zend\Log\Logger. The logger is connected through various writers. If you log something with the logger, it will push the message to all the writers. The writers itself check the type ("priority") of the message in order to determine whether it actually needs to perform the write. With this setup, you can write all messages (including debug messages) into a console writer (Fire-PHP or Chrome-PHP) and only write critical errors into a file stream.

To get the logger injected, make your service implement `Zend\Log\LoggerAwareInterface'. Then pull your service from the service manager.

namespace MyModule\Service;

use Zend\Log\Logger;
use Zend\Log\LoggerAwareInterface;

class MyService implements LoggerAwareInterface
    protected $logger;

    public function setLogger(Logger $logger)
        $this->logger = $logger;

    public function doSomething()
        // Do your work

        if (null !== $this->logger) {
            $this->logger->info('Something done here!');

If the service is registered into the service manager, fetch the service and the logger is injected.


The default configuration is a logger object with three different writers:

  1. A Fire-PHP writer, used when Fire-PHP is installed;
  2. A Chrome-PHP writer, used when Chrome-PHP is installed;
  3. A stream writer, writing to data/log/application.log.

The stream writes everything from INFO (so only debug messages are ignored) up to EMERG. However, it waits for logging until an ERROR occurs. This means, all messages with INFO, NOTICE and WARN are not logged until an ERROR happens. This causes a slim log file with high priority messages and only informative messages when a real error occured.

Configure the behaviour of the three writers in the "writers" key. For example, to disable firephp logging and modify the path of the stream writer, put the following in a configuration file:

return array(
    'soflomo_log' => array(
        'writers' => array(
            'firephp' => array(
                'enabled' => false,
            'stream'  => array(
                'stream'  => 'data-something/log-else/application.log',

For all options, check the config/module.config.php file of this module.