Kahlan specs suite for testing Laravel applications

v5.5 2018-01-02 08:56 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-18 08:14:11 UTC


Kahlan suite for testing Laravel application providing intuitive kahlan (jasmine based) describe-it syntax with Laravel functional testing goodies.

See usage example on

Why I should use the package & how it works?

Take a look at the example spec

First use in 3 steps

  1. Add to your project

    composer require --dev sofa/laravel-kahlan:"~5.4"
  2. Add this line to your kahlan config file (create it if necessary):

    /*  /path/to/your/app/kahlan-config.php  */
  3. Create your first spec in /spec folder, for example /spec/AppSpec.php and run test suite with vendor/bin/kahlan. Working example can be found on

    /*  /path/to/your/app/spec/AppSpec.php  */
    describe('My awesome Kahlan driven Laravel app', function () {
        it("provides the same testing API as Laravel's own TestCase", function () {
                          ->assertSee('Laravel 5')

Optional stuff

  • Should you need to customize .env variables for the test suite, you have 2 options:

    • In the .env.kahlan file for persistent variables

    • At runtime:

      /path/to/app$ vendor/bin/kahlan -env=DB_CONNECTION=sqlite,MAIL_DRIVER=log
  • In your specs you can use all the kahlan features, as well as Laravel testing sugar:

    • helpers: app(), event() etc
    • Application methods $this->app->method() or $this->laravel->method()
    • Laravel TestCase features, eg. $this->laravel->get('/')->assertResponseOk()
    • Application instance as either of: $this->app === $this->laravel->app === app()
  • For tests that don't require Laravel there's --no-laravel cli option, since booting up the application for each test has huge impact on performance:

    /path/to/app$ vendor/bin/kahlan --spec=spec/unit --no-laravel

    Alternatively you can provide NO_LARAVEL=true in .env/.env.kahlan file, then you would enable laravel only when necessary:

    /path/to/app$ vendor/bin/kahlan --spec=spec/functional --no-laravel=false

#Happy coding!