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Translation Extension.Snowflake productions gmbh was the pioneers of this extension and handed over this to PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2016 and sponsored by BIBUS AG.

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5.1.1 2019-02-15 18:35 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-16 07:27:37 UTC


Snowbabel provides an easy and modern way for Extension translation. Target groups are Content Managers and non-technical Backendusers.


A collection (comparison) of the main functionality of this product or of the different product versions/types.

XLIFF & LLXML Support x
Easy to use x
Grid view x
Powerful search x
Paging x
Search for labels over your complete TYPO3 installation x
Check for new or deleted labels x
Fully integrated rights management x


  • TYPO3 6.2 LTS and above
  • static info tables


  • Add snowbabel extension
  • Run install tool db compare making sure tables are created
  • Run Upgrade Wizard
  • Configure snowbabel via 'Settings' module
  • Run indexing task


  • Configure snowbabel via 'Settings' module
  • Go to 'Extensions' tab and add extensions to be translated
  • Go to 'Languages' tab and add languages to be available
  • Run indexing task

Additional configurations

There are several ways of customization

  • Define which group or user has access to what language or which extension