This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Mollie Service provider for Laravel 4

1.0 2016-01-28 03:16 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-07-10 01:16:55 UTC


This is a package to integrate Mollie with Laravel 4. You can use it to easily manage your configuration, and use the Facade to provide shortcuts to the Mollie Client. This package is based on laravel-mollie by EBOOST for Laravel 5.


Via Composer

$ composer require sniels/laravel-mollie4


Via Composer

$ composer require sniels/laravel-mollie4

After updating composer, add the LaravelMollieServiceProvider to the providers array in config/app.php


You need to publish the config for this package. A sample configuration is provided. The defaults will be merged with gateway specific configuration.

$ php artisan config:publish sniels/laravel-mollie4

To use the Facade (\Mollie::getMethods() instead of App::make('mollie')->getMethods()), add that to the facades array.

 'Mollie' => Sniels\LaravelMollie\Facades\Mollie::class,


    // List Methods
    $methods = \Mollie::getMethods()->all();

    foreach ($methods as $method)
        echo '<div style="line-height:40px; vertical-align:top">';
        echo '<img src="' . htmlspecialchars($method->image->normal) . '"> ';
        echo htmlspecialchars($method->description);
        echo ' (' .  htmlspecialchars($method->id). ')';
        echo '</div>';