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v0.0.2-beta 2014-08-28 20:24 UTC


UForm is a form validation/filtering/rendering library that solve all the problems I had with other similar libraries. It is mostly based on the Phalcon\Form one, but totaly refactored to be more flexible.

The library is tested then stable.

Build status

Build Status


The library is available on packagist :

    "require": {
        "sneakybobito/uform": "v0.0.2-beta"




  • Subrendering (render only one child from a group)
  • Filters / validators interaction with rendering
  • csrf
  • full form rendering + deep attribute definition
  • collection/group detailled rendering + deep attribute definition
  • not empty checkbox
  • complet element types
  • complet filters
  • complet validators
  • make a doc
  • select improvement (multi, default value, invalidation) + test
  • textarea test
  • implement collection array
  • globalize form and render context methods
  • globalize error messages in render context