Import Bundle

v0.1.1 2023-01-09 07:38 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-30 00:28:44 UTC


An opinionated pimcore bundle for importing files.


  • CSV
  • JSON



Requires pimcore >=10.0.0

Step 1 (install the bundle)

composer require sndsabin/import-bundle

Step 2 (enable the bundle)

bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable ImportBundle

Example use case: Import

Let's say records of customer has to be imported to Customer DataObject Class from customer.csv.

Step 3 (add mapper)


namespace App\Mapper;

use Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Customer;
use SNDSABIN\ImportBundle\Helper\IdentifierType;
use SNDSABIN\ImportBundle\Contract\MapperInterface;

class CustomerMapper implements MapperInterface
    /** @var string */
    const FOLDER = 'customer'; // the folder inside which all customer data objects would be created

     * @param array $data
     * @return array
    public function map(array $data): array
        return [
            'folder' => self::FOLDER, // mandatory
            'class' => Customer::class, // mandatory
            'identifier' => [ // analogous to primary key: used for update operation (mandatory) 
                'attribute' => 'code',
                'value' => $data['Code'],
                'type' => IdentifierType::NON_CONDITIONAL
            'attributes' => [
                'code' => $data['Code'],
                'firstname' => $data['First Name'],
                'lastname' => $data['Last Name'],
                'email' => $data['Email'],
                'company' => $data['Company'],
                'address' => $data['Address'],
                'country' => $data['Country'],
                'phone' => $data['Phone'],
                'acceptsMarketing' => (bool) $data['Accepts Marketing'],
                'key' => "{$data['Code']}-{$data['First Name']}", // o_key (mandatory)
                'localisedField' => [
                        'attribute' => 'note',
                        'value' => $data['Note English'],
                        'language' => 'en'
                        'attribute' => 'note',
                        'value' => $data['Note Nepali'],
                        'language' => 'ne'


@see for more examples on how to use IdentifierType::CONDITIONAL and IdentifierType::CONDITIONAL_PARAM.

Step 4 (add configuration)

configure import.yaml for the class (Example: customer in this case) you wish to import

        base_directory: '/var/www/html/import-data' # base directory where all the files to be imported are located (required)
            file: 'customer.csv'  # file name (required)
            mapper: 'App\Mapper\CustomerMapper' # mapper (required)

@see CommandConfigResolver.php and CommandConfigValidator.php for more info on how these attributes are parsed and validated.

@see Sample Config File for all the configurable attributes.

Step 5 (import using command)

bin/console data:import [options]

  -c, --class=CLASS                     DataObject whose data is to be imported
  -f, --file[=FILE]                     path of the data file
      --book-keeping|--no-book-keeping  maintain the records (or do not maintain --no-book-keeping) of imported file

Example usage (for customer class)

bin/console data:import -c customer