Manage GitHub resources with an Eloquent-like API

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Manage GitHub resources with an Eloquent-like API

Development Disclaimer

This package's development is sponsored & mantained by Snaptier. While we happily accept contributions, we may priorize development according to the needs of our own product.


You can pull in the package via composer:

composer require snaptier/github-whisper


This package exposes some eloquent-like models you can use to interact with GitHub resources. At the moment, you can only use Repository, Issue and File, but we'll keep adding more.


The development of this repository is guided by the Snaptier source code. That means that, while we'll try to accept PRs adding new functionality, we might reject contributions that clash with Snaptier's development roadmap and/or break our implementation.

We strongly suggest to open an issue first to discuss how we can implement new features/bugfixes.


This pacage is licensed under the MIT License (MIT).