PEG parser generator for PHP.

3.0.0 2022-04-25 23:35 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-26 04:02:02 UTC


PEG parser-generator for PHP


This is a somehow opinionated continuation of combyna/php-peg, which was "a minimally invasive fork" of the original hafriedlander/php-peg.

From the several originally available types of PEG parsers only Basic and Packrat (recommended) remain now.

Notable features of this fork:

  • Fix, Optimization: Packrat parser overhaul. Simplified logic using arrays instead of a string. Arrays ultimately seemed to be more fit for the job, memory-wise. This also fixed occasional problem with accessing undefined indexes in packrat cache.
  • Modern code style: Codebase uses new (PHP7+) language features and code format more familiar to current modern PHP.
  • CLI interface is removed: Just call \hafriedlander\Peg\Compiler::compile($grammarDefinitionFile) directly however you like.
  • Testing: Test suite is rewritten to use Nette Tester instead of PHPUnit.
  • Fixed: Catastrophic backtracking problem (sometimes happening when compiling a larger grammar) avoided by simplifying regex that searches for grammar definitions.
  • Optimization: Using native PHP constants and functions with absolute namespace is slightly faster (changed in generated code, too).
  • Optimization: Use strict comparisons where possible (even in generated code).


See the documentation of the original library.