Integration with via Tag Manager

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Last update: 2024-02-10 12:53:09 UTC


This module provides integration with, via the tagmanager module.

Setting up

To use the module to track pageviews, do the following:

  • Log into your account
  • Create a JavaScript source
  • Open its code snippet, and find the API key int he analytics.load('...') line. Copy this value.
  • Open the CMS. Go to the Tag Manager section.
  • Create a tag of type Populate the API key field with API key you copied from
  • Save

Tracking logged-in user details

To track the email & name of logged in users

  • Open the snippet you created in the Tag Manager section of the CMS
  • Check the box, "Send details of logged-in user"
  • Save

Coming soon

  • Tracking of events for visiting marked pages.