Phar compiler for PHP CLI tools. Derived from Composer's compile script.

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PharOut is a tool for generating Phar distributions fo PHP CLI tools. It was derived from the Compiler.php script included in Composer's source, and has been adapted to be a more general purpose tool.

Why PharOut?

Distributing a PHP-based CLI tool as a phar archive is a great way of making it, but the mechanisms for creating executable phar files can be a little arcane if you haven't done it before. I wanted to make it easy for developers to make use of libraries such as symfony/console to produce polished CLI tools, and then distribute them to users.

How to use

PharOut doesn't provide much direction over how you create your project, but I lay out my CLI projects in a structure something like this:


PharOut is designed to work nicely with Composer, so I suggest that you use this to manage dependencies.

To set it up, first include composer as a dev dependency in your project, and create an empty file "bin/compile". This will be the command you call to generate the phar.

compososer require --dev sminnee/pharout
touch bin/compile
chmod +x bin/compile

Use the following code as a starting point for creating your bin/compile file. In short, you create a SilverStripe\PharOut\Compiler object, configure it, and then call writePhar() to generate the phar.

#!/usr/bin/env php

$projectPath = dirname(__DIR__);
require($projectPath . '/vendor/autoload.php');

// Compiler configuration
$compiler = new SilverStripe\PharOut\Compiler();
    ->withInternalMessage("My Tool (c) 2014 Yours Truly")


Now, you can run ./bin/compile from your project root, and mytool.phar will be created or replaced.

Happy packaging!