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For TYPO3 Fluid

This extension offers Fluid partials that can be used in your templates when you want to render responsive images and/or videos.


Enable the usage of the partials in your extension by adding the following to your extension's TypoScript:

plugin.tx_myext {
    view {
        partialRootPaths.10 = EXT:my_ext/Resources/Private/Partials/
        partialRootPaths.1462872447 = EXT:rwd_media/Resources/Private/Partials/

Then in any Fluid Template use it like this:

<f:render partial="Utility/ResponsiveImage" arguments="{image:myimage,width:'300'}"/>

Take a look into the ResponsiveImage partial file for documentation on the supported arguments.

Spoiler: The image argument accepts a lot of different input types like \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Resource\FileReference, \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Domain\Model\FileReference, a sys_file uid or a file string like "2:/my/folder/image.png". Just give it whatever you have in your hands.

For Video files use:

<f:render partial="Utility/ResponsiveVideo" arguments="{video:video}"/>

Or use the ResponsiveMedia partial for automatic detection of images or videos.