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Your TYPO3 notification API

Sending an email notification for a certain event is very common requirement for extension developers and of course it's not that hard. Using the TYPO3 MailMessage class you'll be done in a few minutes.

But wait.. the client wants to configure the recipient mail addresses? Don't rack your brain where to put the configuration. Use Noti!

What does it do?

Using noti an extension can trigger an event like "A new user registered", "we received a new product rating", "the daily data import went wrong".

In the TYPO3 backend you can create subscription records for those events.

Backend form screenshot

Right now there are two notification types available:

Email Notification

Let's you configure a list of mail addresses that receive a notification when the event is triggered.

Slack Notification

Sends a message to our favorite chat app when the event is triggered.

How do I implement it in my extension?

In your ext_localconf.php register your event:

    (new \Smichaelsen\Noti\Domain\Model\Event('myUniqueEventIdentifier', $_EXTKEY))
        ->setTitle('New user registered') // LLL reference is possible and recommended here
        ->addPlaceholder('userName', 'The user name') // This will appear in the backend to show the available placeholders to the user

Then in your code trigger the event like this:

        'userName' => $newUser->getUsername(),