TypoScript Content Object to load system folders

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2.1.5 2023-06-08 13:47 UTC


The Problem

Existing TYPO3 TypoScript Content Objects make it hard to load sysfolders:

  • The CONTENT cObj is restricted to not load pages with doktype 200 and above (sysfolders have 254).
  • If you want to use the RECORDS cObj you need to know the uid of the sysfolder.

The Solution

This extension introduces a new TypoScript cObj called FOLDER.

Example to load one folder uid:

lib.footerNavigationPid = FOLDER
lib.footerNavigationPid {
  containsModule = tx_myext_footernavigation
  restrictToRootPage = 1
  renderObj = TEXT
  renderObj.field = uid
  limit = 1

This will load the uid of the folders that has tx_myext_footernavigation assigned in the pages.module (contains module) field - and is on the first level of the current rootline.

Example to load a list of folder uids:

lib.footerNavigationPid = FOLDER
lib.footerNavigationPid {
  containsModule = tx_myext_footernavigation
  renderObj = TEXT
  renderObj.field = uid
  renderObj.wrap = |,
  stdWrap.substring = 0,-1

This will load the uids of all folders that have tx_myext_footernavigation assigned in the pages.module (contains module) field. The last trailing comma is removed by stdWrap.substring = 0,-1.


property name type default description
containsModule string/stdWrap empty Loads only sysfolders that match the given string with their module field.
recursive int/stdWrap 0 Is only applied if restrictToRootPage is true and will result in looking for matching sysfolders nested within the current root page. The numeric value of this property provides the depth - how far the pagetree will be resolved. Use only if neccessary as it impacts performance.
renderObj cObj empty The cObject used for rendering the loaded sysfolders.
restrictToRootPage boolean/stdWrap false By default sysfolders will be loaded from all over the page tree. If this is true, sysfolders will only be loaded from the current root page (i.e. first page of the current rootline). See also recursive.
doktypes intList/stdWrap 254 By default only folders (doktype=254) will be loaded (hence the name). You can provide a comma separated list of allowed doktypes.
limit int/stdWrap empty Limits the results of folders being loaded
stdWrap stdWrap empty Performs stdWrap operations on the output of the FOLDER content object