Zero configuration speaking URLs for TYPO3

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Zero configuration speaking URLs for TYPO3 8

After installing autourls your TYPO3 website will have speaking URLs without any configuration.


composer require smichaelsen/autourls

Afterwards just install it in the Extension Manager as usual.

Cool! Does it replace realurl?

No. autourls offers only limited functionality and is no match to realurl in terms of features and flexibility.

Okay, then what does it do?

It just creates a speaking path for each page based on its rootline. So the rootline "Service > About us" results in the path /service/about-us.

  • It respects the nav_title field of pages.
  • It respects the config.absRefPrefix TypoScript setting.
  • Shortcut pages are handled correctly (their path is the one from their target page, just like in realurl)

Caching and Expiry

  • For each query string the resulting speaking path will be cached in the database and will be assigned an expiry date of about one day.
  • After expiration the speaking path will be created again, so that renamed record names etc will be respected.
  • "Old" speaking paths (which are expired) will remain accessible.
  • If config.no_cache = 1 speaking paths will immediately expire, so they will be regenerated on every page load.
  • If you need to expire a path manually, don't clear the whole database table! Go to tx_autourls_map and set encoding_expires to 0 for the desired record(s).

What about extension parameters?

autourls comes with native (basic) support for the news extension.

Extensions can register themselves by calling \Smichaelsen\Autourls\ExtensionParameterRegistry::register() in their ext_localconf.php. Take a look at the ExtensionParameterRegistry class header for more explanation.

If you want an extension to be supported by autourls you can contact the extension author and ask if they want to include the registration.

If they refuse, you can also open an issue for autourls. I'm willing to add support for common open source extensions.

And of course if you have some kind of package/template extension, you can also register support there too.

What about multi language handling?

Yes! If you use the L GET parameter to indicate the language (which is very common in TYPO3) it gets automatically rewritten and the page path or extension records are localized accordingly. All with zero configuration!

What about mountpoints, workspaces, ...?

Not supported yet. Those might follow as there is demand for it.

How can I configure ...?

You can't. Until now autourls is literally zero configuration.

But that doesn't fit my requirements!

Okay, just go with realurl then :)