Generate QR code data for SEPA payments

v2.0.1 2023-09-23 18:37 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-23 20:14:58 UTC


Generates SEPA payment data for use in a QR code as defined in the European Payments Council's standard.

A QR code using this data can, for instance, be displayed on an invoice and be scanned by a mobile banking app.

Migrating from smhg/sepa-qr? Follow the steps below.


composer require smhg/sepa-qr-data


use SepaQr\Data;
$paymentData = Data::create()
  ->setName('Name of the beneficiary')
  ->setAmount(100); // The amount in Euro

After this, you can choose your preferred QR code library and use this data as the input. Below are 2 examples.

With endroid/qr-code


composer require endroid/qr-code


use Endroid\QrCode\Builder\Builder;
use Endroid\QrCode\ErrorCorrectionLevel\ErrorCorrectionLevelMedium;
    ->errorCorrectionLevel(new ErrorCorrectionLevelMedium()) // required by EPC standard

Note: endroid/qr-code lists more ways to render.

With chillerlan/php-qrcode


composer require chillerlan/php-qrcode


use chillerlan\QRCode\QRCode;
use chillerlan\QRCode\QROptions;
$qrOptions = new QROptions([
    'eccLevel' => QRCode::ECC_M // required by EPC standard

(new QRCode($qrOptions))->render($paymentData, 'payment.png');

Note: chillerlan/php-qrcode lists more ways to render.



Required. Set the name of the beneficiary.


Required. Set the account number of the beneficiary. Only IBAN is allowed.


Set the amount of the credit transfer. Currently (?) only amounts in Euro are allowed.


Set the BIC of the beneficiary bank.


Set the remittance information (structured). Creditor reference (ISO 11649) RF creditor reference may be used.


Set the remittance information (unstructured).


Set the purpose of the credit transfer.


Set the beneficiary to originator information.

setServiceTag($serviceTag = 'BCD')

Set the service tag. Currently (?) only one value is allowed: BCD.

setVersion($version = 2)

Set the SEPA QR standard version. In version 1 a BIC is mandatory. In version 2 a BIC is only mandatory outside EEA countries.

setCharacterSet($characterSet = Data::UTF_8)

Set the character set. Available constants are UTF_8, ISO8859_5, ISO8859_1, ISO8859_7, ISO8859_2, ISO8859_10, ISO8859_4 or ISO8859_15. Remember to also use/set this character set in the surrounding parts of your application (including endroid/qr-code).

setIdentification($identification = 'SCT')

Set the identification code. Currently (?) only one value is allowed: SCT.

Migration from smhg/sepa-qr

This project is a continuation of smhg/sepa-qr, decoupling QR code rendering. Different QR rendering libraries offer different features and support different PHP versions. This project now generates the appropriate QR code data, which can be supplied to the QR code rendering library of your choice.

Follow these steps to migrate:

1. Remove smhg/sepa-qr

composer remove smhg/sepa-qr

2. Install smhg/sepa-qr-data and endroid/qr-code

composer require smhg/sepa-qr-data endroid/qr-code

3. Replace/add use declarations

-use \SepaQr\SepaQr;
+use \SepaQr\Data;
+use \Endroid\QrCode\Builder\Builder;
+use \Endroid\QrCode\ErrorCorrectionLevel\ErrorCorrectionLevelMedium;

4. Adapt QR code generation accordingly

$paymentData = Data::create();
// ->set...

    ->errorCorrectionLevel(new ErrorCorrectionLevelMedium())