v1.0.0 2018-06-08 20:10 UTC


Temporal frequency library

PHP clone of JavaScript version.


$ composer require smhg/date-frequency



use Frequency\Frequency;

$frequency = new Frequency();
$frequency->on('day', 3, 'week')
	->on('hour', 10)
	->on('minute', 0)
	->on('seconds', 0); // every Wednesday at 10:00:00

Frequency([string rules])

Frequency([array rules])

Pass rules as a string (see __toString) or an array to the constructor instead of setting them one-by-one with on().

Example above as a string: $frequency = new Frequency('F3D/WT10H0M0S');

on(string unit, int fix, [string scope])

on(string unit, array options)

Add a rule (fixed value) to the frequency for a unit, optionally linked to a scope.

The options array can contain the keys fix, scope and fn (filter function). Filter functions need to be available in the static Frequency::$fn array when used.

Example filter: $frequency = new Frequency('F(leap)Y1M1DT0H0M0S'); (Jan 1st, at midnight, of leap years)

See tests for more examples.

next(DateTime start)

Get the next occurence of the frequency on or after a date.

between(DateTime start, DateTime end)

Get all occurences of the frequency between 2 dates.


Convert frequency to a string value.