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Collection of patches and small enhancements for GCconnex (Government of Canada instance of Elgg)


  1. Module Dependencies

  2. Installation Guide

  3. Functionalities

  4. Module Dependencies

does not require any modules to run

  1. Installation Guide
  1. put in root mod directory .../mod/

  2. enable module

  3. Functionalities

  • [enhance] places a notice on every edit/add pages, to inform users that documents must not be secret
  • [issue] adds a new tab in the Tasks section, displays the tasks assigned to user - after tasks
  • [enhance] ??? removed avatar update and friend request in the activity feed (activity feed + widgets)
  • [enhance] inbox username will direct user to said user's pages - after messages
  • [issue] default number of replies to a discussion thread will be 25 that will be displayed - after groups
  • [issue] fix to the memcache problem - after au_subgroups X [issue] ??? uservalidation page within the administrative rights does not display correctly - after uservalidationbyemail
  • [enhance] displays the last login/activity on the user profile page, under their avatar - after profile
  • [issue] fix to the ideas widget where it displays max of 3 - after ideas


  •   	added/included

X removed/purged [enhance] enhancement that are implemented [issue] issues that are patched