Smarty Lexer/Parser generator

v3.1.32 2017-11-22 04:27 UTC


Lexer/Parser generator repository

The "smarty/smarty-lexer" package is used to generate the lexer and parser class files.

For Smarty versions >= 3.1.22 require "smarty/smarty-lexer": "~3.1" to get the latest version of the package

For Smarty versions <= 3.1.21 The "smarty/smarty-lexer" version must be identical with the target Smarty version

Use for example

"require": {
   "smarty/smarty-lexer": "3.1.18"

in your composer.json file to get the generator for Smarty 3.1.18.

To generate the template lexer and parser run: php Create_Template_Parser.php

It will create

  • smarty_internal_templatelexer.php from smarty_internal_templatelexer.plex
  • smarty_internal_templateparser.php from smarty_internal_templateparser.y

To generate the config file lexer and parser run: php Create_Config_Parser.php

It will create

  • smarty_internal_configfilelexer.php from smarty_internal_configfilelexer.plex
  • smarty_internal_configfileparser.php from smarty_internal_configfileparser.y

If the "smarty/smarty" package was installed by composer the generated lexer and parser files will be copied automatically into the distribution.