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Docblock Annotations Parser based on Doctrine Annotations

2.0+1.10.4 2020-08-11 15:50 UTC


Docblock Annotations Parser library based on Doctrine Annotations.

The motivation for this fork of Doctrine Annotations is to ease the implementation of backwards-incompatible features which are difficult to incorporate in such a widely used library.

Added features:

  • Support for Class constant annotations --- see Reader::getConstantAnnotations().

  • RecursiveAnnotationReader collects annotations from parent classes in addition to the given class and returns the list of all annotations sorted from the oldest ancestor to the requested class.

Removed features:

  • All caching readers are removed, because the annotations are further processed and the final result should be cached.

  • AnnotationRegistry is removed as well in favor of the use of standard PHP autoloader.


See the doctrine-project website.


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