Templates, Styles and Configuration for Sachsen.Digital

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v3.0.0 2022-05-25 08:54 UTC


This TYPO3 extension provides the configuration and setup for the new implementation of by the SLUB Dresden.


This extension needs to reside in a folder called slub_web_sachsendigital in TYPO3 extension folder ('typoconf/ext').

After activate the extension in the TYPO3 extension manager you need to include a static template called SLUB: Portal Sachsen.Digital in the template settings of the source page of the SACHSEN.digtal branch.

Upgrade to Kitodo.Presentation 4

To upgrade an existing installation:

  • Follow the steps described in the upgrade guide of Kitodo.Presentation, in particular:
    • Set storage PID in template
    • Run the upgrade wizards and database update
    • Update CSP
    • In the List View plugin of the search page, set the target PID


The player is configured in media.typoscript.

settings.shareButtons may be used to configure which sharing buttons are available in the bookmarks modal:

  • Button icon: Use
    • either type = material and icon = ... to use the specified Material Icon,
    • or type = image and src = to use an image at the specified URL.
  • Tooltips: Set titleTranslationKey to a translation key that is defined in the playerTranslations file.
  • Share target: Enter a link URL in hrefTemplate
    • The placeholder {url} will be replaced by the URL to be shared.
    • The special value dlf:qr_code may be used to generate a QR code.

constants may be used to configure the video player:

  • prevChapterTolerance: Number of seconds in which to still rewind to previous chapter
  • volumeStep: Fractional value of volume increase/decrease when pressing up/down arrow keys
  • seekStep: Number of seconds for seek/rewind
  • trickPlayFactor: Trick play factor for continuous rewind/seek
  • forceLandscapeOnFullscreen: Whether or not to switch to landscape in fullscreen mode

Frontend Development

Anything related to building the JavaScript and Less code is located in Build/, which is the working directory for all commands listed in this section.

In general, Resources/Private/{JavaScript,Less} contain the written code, while Resources/Public/{JavaScript,Css} contain the compiled code as generated by the build process.

Getting Started

For selecting the proper Node version, you may either use NVM or check Build/.nvmrc.

nvm install  # If you use NVM
npm install


You may use the following command to build the code in development mode and watch for file changes:

nvm use  # If you use NVM
npm run watch


Before committing, please run the following command to build the code in production mode:

nvm use  # If you use NVM
npm run build

Running Tests

npm test

# (Alternative) Watch mode
npm test -- --watch

# With coverage report
npm test -- --coverage
xdg-open coverage/lcov-report/index.html


npm run typecheck

# (Alternative) Watch mode
npm run tsc-watch

Browser Compatibility

npm run compat
npm run compat-build


  • jQuery is marked as external in Webpack config


  • TYPO3 CMS Frontend (cms)
  • Extbase Framework (Extbase)
  • Fluid Templating Engine (fluid)
  • Kitodo.Presentatioin (dlf)
  • News system (news)