A Laravel Nova tool.

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Last update: 2024-02-16 19:13:55 UTC


This tool provides a nice header dropdown to quickly switch between locales (this locales are independent of the app()->getLocale() value and are stored in cache).

It also provides a Language field which gives you the status of the translation on a specific resource.


composer require sloveniangooner/locale-anywhere


To begin using this, you must first register the tool in NovaServiceProvider under tools. The tool utilises Spatie's Laravel Translatable package.

public function tools()
    return [
        new LocaleAnywhere([
            "locales" => [
                "en" => "English",
                "de" => "German"
            "useFallback" => false,

Define the field

You can then define the field in the resource.

use Sloveniangooner\LocaleAnywhere\Language;


Extend trait

You also have to overwrite Spatie's HasTranslations trait in your model to allow toggling fallback locale and apply custom locale instead of app()->getLocale(). Don't worry - the package's trait extends all the functionalities Spatie's trait offers.

use Sloveniangooner\LocaleAnywhere\HasTranslations;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Content extends Model {
    use HasTranslations;

    public $useFallback = true; // Local setting to use the fallback locale or not

For other options related to translations - please see Spatie's package. (spatie/laravel-translatable)[]


The package provides a switch for the languages that you have to insert into Nova's layout file. You can do that by overwriting the layout.blade.php file and insert it after the user dropdown.

<dropdown class="ml-auto h-9 flex items-center dropdown-right">

<locale-anywhere-dropdown class="ml-6"></locale-anywhere-dropdown>

Delete translation toolbar button

The package provides a CustomDetailToolbar component that you can toggle via configuration. Optionally, you can also only grab the <delete-toolbar-button> from the package and paste it into your own custom detail toolbar.

new LocaleAnywhere(
        "locales" => [
            "en" => "English",
            "de" => "German"
        "useFallback" => false,
        "customDetailToolbar" => false