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v0.8.1 2020-12-28 19:48 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-09-28 21:31:59 UTC


This package ships with an preconfigured API controller and a JS bundle to interact with images in your application.


$ composer require skyline/component-image-tool

Usage (Section PHP)

You need to create a subclass of the image tool api controller and route URIs to it.
You need to declare those URIs to the JS bundle.

use Skyline\ImageTool\Controller\AbstractImageToolAPIController;

class MyAPIController extends AbstractImageToolAPIController {
     * @route literal /api/v1/image-tool/fetch
    public function fetchAction() {
        parent::fetchQueryAction( $_POST );
     * @route literal /api/v1/image-tool/change
     * @role SKYLINE.ADMIN
    public function changeAction() {
        parent::changeQueryAction( $_POST );
     * @route literal /api/v1/image-tool/put
     * @role SKYLINE.ADMIN
    public function putAction() {
        parent::putQueryAction( $_POST, $_FILES );

Usage (JS)

In Javascript you have a bunch of available classes to access and modify the persisted images in your application.

Then you can send queries by api calls to the controller.

const query = new Skyline.FetchQuery({
    reference: 'my-article',
}); new Skyline.QueryTarget() );