The first (known to me) RADIUS server which was implemented natively in PHP!

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The first (known to me) RADIUS server which was implemented natively in PHP! Based on the incredible possibilities of ReactPHP I was able to write this library. Currently RFC2865, RFC2866, RFC2868 + RFC2869 are implemented, if you want to contribute, you may follow up with RFC2867 (I'm always happy about PRs ;) ).


Enter ./Example/ directory:

cd ./Example/

Load vendor Libs:

composer install

Install radclient from freeRADIUS-Project:

sudo apt install freeradius-utils

Run SkyDiablo/SkyRadius Example-Server:

php radius.php

Run the radclient in an separate console session

echo "User-Name=test,User-Password=mypass,Framed-Protocol=PPP" | radclient -x auth test

Sent Access-Request Id 31 from to length 50
        User-Name = "test"
        User-Password = "mypass"
        Framed-Protocol = PPP
        Cleartext-Password = "mypass"
Received Access-Accept Id 31 from to length 110
        Reply-Message = "Echo Test-Radius-Server"
        User-Name = "test"
        User-Password = "ѣ\3332a\274\016({\312A\257P\3623\214\273-\342\331Z\035\024:\267\254i#h'\200\262\021f˷c\305y2*\201qlNh\234\236u\377\207"
        Framed-Protocol = PPP 
  • As you can see, the echo is missing the attribute Cleartext-Password -> it isn't implemented by default, yet ;)
  • Also ignore the cryptic looking User-Password attribute, server-side encrypting for this attribute is also missing. But given by RFC, the server should never be doing this!


In extension to the example given above, you can stress-test your SkyDiablo/SkyRadius instance by improving the requests:

echo "User-Name=test,User-Password=mypass,Framed-Protocol=PPP" | radclient -n 1000 -c 99999999999 auth test

In my setup I was able to handle 15k requests/sec at 90% CPU load with the demo-server mentioned here. For this I have started the radclient 5 times with -n 40000 on the same server and piped the output into > /dev/null. Used CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6140 CPU @ 2.30GHz with 2 cores:

15k Benchmark Test


  • Attribute Dictionary Loader
    • YAML
    • JSON
  • UnitTest


  • Thank you reactPHP for your brilliant work!
  • BaconFist has provided the benchmark server, thank you!