Base32 encoding and decoding class (RFC 4648, RFC 4648 extended hex, Crockford, z-base-32/Zooko).

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PHP base32 encoding/decoding class (RFC 4648 standard and extended hex, Crockford, z-base-32/Zooko)

This class provides static methods to encode and decode data to/from the following encodings:

  • base32 (RFC 4648)
  • base32 extended hex (RFC 4648)
  • base32 Crockford
  • base32 Zooko (z-base-32)

For each encoding, there are methods for encoding/decoding byte-strings and for encoding/decoding non-negative integers of arbitrary length. To handle integers of arbitrary length, PHP's BC Math extension is used whenever PHP's internal integer type is not sufficient to store/process the data.

All exceptions thrown by this class will have an exception code corresponding to one of the codes defined in the class constants at the beginning of the class.

This class is designed to be fast and memory efficient and is fully documented using PHPDoc-blocks.


By composer

composer require skleeschulte/base32



If you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, you are welcome to create a new issue at .