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PHP library for array filtering/sanitization

Sometimes you want to make sure the values pushed by a source (eg: a user when submits a form) follow some restrictions like

  • no space at the beginning or the end for the title of a page
  • no HTML code in a comment sent by a user
  • no spaces in the field which represents the URL
  • remove XSS attacks
  • etc...

Other times you want to make sure that the data you send to the user is parsed before displaying. For example you may want to:

  • convert markdown into HTML
  • convert URLs into links
  • apply a localized format to dates
  • etc ()

To achieve this end result you need to filter the values. This is where SiriusFiltration comes into place

Elevator pitch

use Sirius\Filtration\Filtrator;

$filtrator = new Filtrator();

// add filters for title
$filtrator->add('title', 'trim');
$filtrator->add('title', 'strip_tags');
$filtrator->add('title', 'nullify');

// add filters for content in one go
$filtrator->add('content', [

$result = $filtrator->filter(array(
	'title' => '   <h1>My title has tags and is awesome</h1>',
	'content' => '   My content was trimmed'

/* $result is
	'title' => NULL ,
	'content' => 'My content was trimmed'