v1.3.0 2018-12-27 05:40 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-04-27 13:20:39 UTC


A flexible router with multiple options


Unlike other routes, this router supports also database driven routes


  • Retrieve routes from database, or specify programatically
  • Parametrized routes
  • Middleware

Installation (est. 1 min)

composer require sinevia/php-library-router

Word of warning. Do use a stable package, as "dev-master" is a work in progress.

Create the database table:

$router = (new Plugins/Router);

Alternatively create the table manually with the following structure (default table name is snv_actions_action):

Id - integer Status - string / enum (Active|Inactive) ActionName - string Middleware - string Response - string Memo - text CreatedAt - datetime UpdatedAt - datetime DeletedAt - datetime

Uninstall (est. 1 min)

Removal of the package is a breeze:

composer require sinevia/php-library-router

Optionally, delete the route tables (the default table is snv_actions_action)


$db = new Sinevia\SqlDb(your_database_options); die((new Plugins\Router())->setDatabase($db)->run()));

Example Routes

Id Status ActionName Middleware Response Memo
1 Active / home will excute the function home()
2 Inactive /hello/:string verifyUser,setLastLogin hello will excute the middleware functions verifyUser then setLastLogin then call the function hello($name)
3 Active /admin App\Admin@dashboard will excute the method dashboard from class Admin in namespace App

Human Friendly Action Names

The following shortcuts can be used to create human friendly routes (actions):

Shortcut Regex
:any ([^/]+)
:num ([0-9]+)
:all (.*)
:string ([a-zA-Z]+)
:number ([0-9]+)
:numeric ([0-9-.]+)
:alpha' ([a-zA-Z0-9-_]+)

Example action name: /article/:num/:string