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A business rule defines or constrains some aspect of business. Given a specified context (data) a business rule always resolves to either true or false.

Formal specification: // Given {context} When {condition(s)} Then {pass} Or {fail}


  1. Direct usage
$rule = (new BusinessRule())->context([])->condition(function($context){ return true; });

if ($rule->fails()) {
    // Execute fail logic

if ($rule->passes()) {
    // Execute pass logic
  1. Extend into a separate class. Allows to be re-used (avoid duplication of business logic)
// 1. Specify the business rule class
class AllowAccessRule extends BusinessRule {
    function __construct() {
            return ($context['user']->isEmailConfirmed() AND $context['user']->isActive());

// Use the shortcut init function with the context to initialize the rule
if (AllowAccessRule::init(['user'=>$user)->fails()) {
    die('You are not allowed access to this part of the website');