A streamlined EAV implementation for Laravel

v1.1.0 2019-09-04 06:37 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-04 13:07:11 UTC


Cool schemaless models for Laravel.


A streamlined entity-attribute-value (EAV) implementation for Laravel. This package is designed for quick plug and play "schemeless" prototyping. To achieve this the package uses only two database tables unlike the standard EAV (which uses at least three tables).


  • Schemaless implementation with 2 database tables only.
  • Entitiies have types. Each type is like a class (i.e. note, category, etc)
  • Entitiies may have unlimited fields. Fields can have any value (string, int, float, array)
  • Entitiies may have hierarchy (parent and children). Great when you have categories, or paths
  • Ideal for quick prototyping
  • Uses human friendly IDs (see


composer require sinevia/laravel-entity

How to Use

// 1. Create your model class
class Note extends \Sinevia\Entities\Models\Entity {
    function getType()
        return 'note';

// 2. Create new instance and add fields
$note = new Note();
$note->setFieldValue('Title','Note title');
$note->setFieldValue('Text','Note text');

// 3. Create new instance and add fields
$note = Note::find($noteId);
echo $note->getFieldValue('Title');
echo $note->getFieldValue('Text');

// 4. Iterate throuhh all notes
$note = Note::all();
foreach($notes as $note){
    echo $note->getFieldValue('Title');

Table Schema

The following schema is used for the database.

Id String, UniqueId
Status String
Type String
ParentId String, UniqueId
Sequence Integer
Name String
CreatedAt DateTime
DeletedAt DateTime
Udated At DateTime
Id String, UniqueId
EntityId String, UniqueId
Key String
Value JSON Text (Long)
CreatedAt DateTime
DeletedAt DateTime
UpdatedAt DateTime